My daughter: possible depression, buffering, gained 20+ pounds

I’m concerned about my 20-year-old daughter. She went to college this past year. During the second semester just before COVID hit she stopped going to class and had a super hard time getting out of bed.

When she was little she used to only eat healthy food, she was the healthiest eater of my kids by her own choice. Now she eats junk food in large amounts.

I’m concerned about what is going on with her, the patterns of eating and sleeping she’s in, and how this will impact her in the future. I’m concerned she’s depressed and that the path of buffering she’s on is going to lead to more weight gain and depression.

Right now, she is working a 4am to 4pm shift and making good money and getting up and going to work. She occasionally has a break down and doesn’t go.

Is there someway to talk to her about this without making her angry or like there’s something wrong with her?

She’s has had some friends (not close, more like acquaintances) commit suicide. She’s mentioned before that she’s scared it will happen to her and she doesn’t want something to be wrong with her.

I’ve asked her if she’s had ideation and she said no. But this past semester scared her when she couldn’t get out of bed.