My daughter’s weight struggles

My adult daughter is overweight. She wants ro lose weight but thinks she can eat a bunch of processed food and just exercise her way thin. I feel really gulty about how i raised her around food. I never had any junk food in the house and it lead her to go crazy over the food she was deprived. Then as she got older and struggled with her weight i would always give her helpful tips on what she should do. I then let it go, but now that i have read your materjal i feel so compelled to share it with her, but she jas no desire to hear about if from me. She especially is not intersted because i have given up sugar and flour. On one hand, I know I can not. control her actions, but every time i am with her i worry so much about her health and the implications of being overweight. Is there anything i can do to help her? Ibalso can’t let go of the guilt of how her weight problem is all my fault.