My Day 1 Dare

My dare of the day was to work on trailer loading my 17 hand Holsteiner who doesn’t load well and likes to be with his buddies. I was afraid he would get upset and I wouldn’t know how to productively handle it. It took me multiple hours of feeling my feelings, allowing my urges and then figuring out the thoughts driving them before my feet walked out the door to the barn. I had watched multiple videos the day before, tried some of the things feeling very awkward in applying the ideas. Today we started again, had an easier time with the new skills, he was asking to go in the trailer!!!!, not me telling him to like before. He watched his buddies go by but stayed present with his feet still! We figured out he was uncomfortable stepping in and out, so we practiced that and he got more comfortable. It was awesome!! I think all the “allowing urges” made a huge difference in the “R”.