My depressed Husband

I thought I was handling my husbands depression pretty well, but here lately I’ve been having some other thoughts about it. Here is my model:

C: Josh’s behavior and views on life.
T: This sucks, our life sucks, things would get better if he would just get some damn help. Why can’t he just get over himself? doesn’t he realize he sucks to be around? He’s ruining this time of our lives.
F: drained, frustrated and sad
A: I act depressed and resentful.
R: Not progressing to becoming the woman I want to become.

I read something the other day that disturbed me. It read,

“A depressed spouse = a depressed marriage”

I don’t want to believe this to be true, because it goes against everything that you teach. I guess i’m just not convinced that I can be truly over the moon happy while he is like this. Just the other night I while laying in bed very sad. I wondered, “shit if I’m not ok and hes not ok, then oh my God what are we going to do? I must fix myself because that part I can change.” It was a scary moment to say the least.

We are in our late 20’s and have no kids. I’m frustrated because I feel that he will look back someday and regret not enjoying our prime.

Is it possible that I can be truly over the moon happy with my life while he is this way? I really feel like I could if I could just get him out of my head, lol.

Thank you Brooke so so much.