My fasting results

Ok, so I understand things better now.

Being “sober” from food for 2 days now has made me realize a lot of things. I’ve been writing like crazy, and all of my shit all came to the surface.

To be honest I feel like pure ass right now. Physically AND emotionally. I can see why I’ve tried to eat all of my issuss away my whole life. They aren’t “alarming” reasons per say, but they are definitely upsetting. It was weird because I was expecting there to be all these horrifying things from childhood, but there were not. The truth is I just have a very low self esteem. I have a lot of work to do.

I read somewhere that you said it was “normal” to feel even worse about yourself when you first start all of this.

I am truly at that stage right now. 😔

Everything has definitely become clear with me.

I almost feel like I need to ask you what do I do now? Do I just keep on doing what I’m doing?

I’m still a little bit too nervous to be coached by you, but I will at some point. Right now I’m just way too emotional.

Should I be excited that I found some of my “sentences” that have been driving my entire life?

Geesh, it’s almost as if I need to rewrite the past for like 5 different events. But not only that, but I need to mourn some things also.

Is this normal??

Sorry this was so jumbled. I just wanted to let you know where I’m at so here I am.

Thanks for listening!!!