My favorite book…The Manual for others!


In my thought download on this issue I can see the manual and try to put it in the trash but then it resurfaces again.

A new nurse has been hired into a position.  She will occasionally be working with our clinic. There is some crossover between the two departments.  She is a brand new nurse and has not had any experience with the advanced role she has been placed into.  The managers state that no one applied and they had to give someone the position or they would lose the funding.

My thoughts are that our clinic charge nurse never wants to put herself out there or do something uncomfortable like train new staff.  She has decided we can slough off offering to train the new nurse and she can just come for a brief visit.  I feel that there would be repercussions to us not spending the time with her for the clients’ care, as well as for how we work together in the future.

I am planning to propose to the clinic charge nurse that each nurse in the clinic (3 of us including charge) take a turn having the new hire watch us while we do patient education visits.  I have a manual that the clinic charge should agree and also offer to be observed because it is the “right thing to do”.

Ohhh I can hear the manual and I know if I approach her in this way I will not get the cooperation that I was hoping for.

Can you help me get some clarity?

Thank you.