My fiancé doesn’t want me to compare him to my exes who cheated on me but I only compare them when he does something they used to do

My fiancé is different than my exes who cheated but some of his ways are the same. For example, he’s naturally a very friendly guy and the things I think are flirting, he does not think they are.

For example, he laughs at all the girl’s jokes even though they are not funny. He always asks people exactly where they live. He will go to breakfast with his female peers and he will ride with them or they ride with him for carpool.

He is a nurse so I know that he works around a lot of females but I don’t understand why he has to go out to breakfast with them as we have food at home and I offer to cook for him before he leaves but he says he’s not hungry. Then he goes to breakfast with them because he says he’s hungry then.

Once his female peer did not have a car for class so he picked her up and took her home every day because he said he felt bad for her because she was a single mom. To me, that’s crossing a boundary from friends as he has a fiancé and it’s not his job to take care of another female in my mind unless he’s with her.

Are my thoughts about this normal or am I really insecure as he says I am?