My first model

Hi, I am brand new to the scholars class, I didn’t read through all the material yet but I was having a moment of panic so I decided to try a model. Any advice or suggestions?

First model:
Write it all out: Overwhelmed with the unemployment being denied. I’m nervous to talk to friend about making sure she says the right thing. Whenever I deal with government things, I get freaked out and pretty much expect something to go wrong because there are so many rules. The learning curve feels too high. I’m feeling like I’m going to prove to myself that I mess everything up and I shouldn’t do hard things.

Wooow that really does suck to write that out. I am feeling anger, frustration, and I want to shut down but I need to get it done so I am going to finish this.

Actual truth from my rant: “there are so many rules”


Circumstance: Unemployment was denied

Thought: I shouldn’t do hard things, I should leave them to someone smarter/more experienced.

Feeling: Sad, angry, frustrated

Action: shutting down and avoiding appealing the claim

Result: I don’t get unemployment because I didn’t try, and I reiterated to myself that I should stay afraid of hard things.


Circumstance: Unemployment was denied

Thought: I tried doing something hard, and maybe I messed something up but if I keep practicing then I’ll get better at it. Also, the worst that can happen is that I don’t get unemployment and we’ll have to find some other way to make money. Since I believe I can do hard things, and also ask for help if needed, then I will come out okay in the end.

Feeling: confident

Action: appeal the claim. Do the necessary paperwork, before I send it in, ask someone who has done it before

Result: Maybe I get the claim, maybe I don’t. The biggest thing is that I’d learn to trust myself and not run away when I fail or when things get hard. And I let myself try before running to someone for help right away.