My first model

I just joined SCS and am working through the orientation books. I did my first model today and would like some feedback please.

C: I weigh 191 pounds
T: I am a fat failure who can’t control herself around food.
F: Embarrassed
A: Hide, avoid mirrors, over watch TV, overeat, over use phone (games and social media scrolling)
R: Weight keeps increasing

I have noticed that I am buffering in a lot of areas of my life. Being overweight is extremely frustrating because I have a nutrition coaching certificate, have competed in bodybuilding shows, and have followed a macro nutrition program for 5 years. So I KNOW how to lose weight. I am just not doing anything to accomplish it and I keep breaking promises to myself, which only furthers my buffering and overeating. It feels like an awful cycle that I need to get out of.

Any feedback on my first model is greatly welcomed.

Thank you.