Hey there you guys! I just joined the program & watched a whole bunch of videos today – unfortunately with the massive time-difference I’ve missed the 1st 2 september calls – will make a plan to catch up.

So I did my 1st thought download, as well as 1st model… which I’m struggling with. I can’t really see how my actions & their respective results are going to make me feel better, if the situation doesn’t change….

So here goes:

C – Having to miss out on a “once in a life time boys trip due to financial uncertainty”

T – “I’m super pissed at my fiancé for pointing out why I can’t go on the trip.”
“I’m angry that I can’t just do what I want to do because of so many other commitments”

F – Disappointed, frustrated – but mainly also angry for not being able to do what I want with my money…

A – “positive action” – tell my friends I can’t go
“negative action” – just go ahead and book it – whilst risking relationship conflict and the financial implications

R – “positive result” – I won’t be putting myself into a difficult financial situation (or inflame our relationship)…..HOWEVER, I will
be missing out on an awesome holiday with my closest friends
“negative result” – I go ahead and book the tickets and cause a whole lot of trouble in my own relationship, breaking trust & not
heeding actual good advice from someone that loves me & cares for but also depends on me.

MY PROBLEM: either action leads to “negative” outcome with me not feeling happy about how it’s going down….

How do I go about adjusting my model? Where do I change it?