My First Models

Hi Brooke,
I have been a consumer of the podcast for 2 years now, and I just joined a few days ago. I am determined to shift from primarily consuming to primarily creating, with your work, my time, my career, all of it. I did my first thought downloads and models yesterday and this morning. Could you take a peek at them and provide any feedback you may have?
Thank you!

Yesterday – Unintentional
C Thought Download
T I’m not doing this correctly
F Anxious
A Avoid doing it or cutting it short
R I don’t do it at all or I don’t do it completely

Yesterday – Intentional
C Thought Download
T Can bring me clarity
F Relief
A Download and model each day
R Increased clarity around my thoughts & models

Today – Unintentional
C April Goal (Launch full website and first newsletter)
T Maybe I should pick a new goal
F Insecurity & frustration
A Confusion, overwhelm
R Constantly changing goals and not reaching them

Today – Intentional
C April Goal (Launch full website and first newsletter)
T My goal and focus is set.
F Determined
A I do what I say I will do
R I meet the goal and my site is launched by May 1