My friend loves her job

My friend said that she loved her new job and I had multiple thoughts about this statement.

C: my friend said that she loves her job, she is a nurse
T: I had multiple thoughts here; I want a job that I love (when questioning this thought I determined that I do have a job that I love, so I asked again what my thought was.) I want a job that I love to pay me well, I want a “real” job that I love that pays me well. I am a fitness instructor and for some reason I do not see for myself that this is a “real job” that people will and do pay me for. I think I’ve associated having a college degree (which I have) with a real job and I’ve put the fitness instructor job as “less than” in my head. I’m working on a bridging thought that will lead my brain to know that what I do is a real job and adds value to people’s lives. There are so many people in this industry who do very well!
F: embarrassment
A: look for “real jobs online”, keep telling myself this isn’t a real job because it is so easy!
R: getting stuck and not moving forward to earn more money

Intentional model
C: my friend loves her job
T: I’m happy for her
F: I love my job too
A: find more avenues to teach and make money
R: More money and enjoyment of job.

Thank you – this team of coaches is AMAZING! I look forward to joining your ranks sometime soon!