My friend’s life versus my own

Hi, Thank you for your time today.

One of my friends has moved abroad and is traveling a lot. Because of COVID her job is now remote and she is able to travel and see a lot of places. As she is sending us updates on her travels, it has been dawning on me that I’ve traveled to a lot of those places she is seeing for the first time.

Although I spent a lot of my life traveling for 15 + years, I feel like I didn’t share much about my travels with my friends, therefore they do not know about all the places I have been.

Seeing this friend travel a lot I realize I get jealous that people are talking to her about her travels and no one really talked with me about my travels when I did them years ago.

I do not wish to think this way, get jealous that other people are giving her attention and I think they didn’t give me any attention when I traveled years ago.

I realize these are thoughts of mine and if I think differently about myself and my travels then I may not have these thoughts.

My model is:

C: My friend is living in different parts of the world.
T: Why didn’t anyone care when I traveled?
F: I feel like my travels or my life did not matter years ago when I traveled a lot.
A: I overcompensate to hide my jealously by being really excited for her.
R: I harbor jealously and anger

Any insight into my model and how to slowly shift my thinking would be helpful.

Thank you.