My heart has no peace

I have been in Scholars since April. My life has been so full of chaos and drama the last several years. I was a single mom for 17 years having been previously married and had six beautiful children. I got married almost three years ago to a man that was a widower for seven years, having been married for fifty years and they were blessed with seven children. I had worked hard to build a solid structure in our family previously, due to all the trauma we had experienced from the first marriage.

When I got married to this man, I knew some of the family very well and they were the ones that helped get us together! Lo and behold, I had no idea how evil this family really is. My husband has never learned to be a strong man in the family. The children do nothing but bully him. I’m also finding out that there are many ghosts still living here, attacking me every day, so much so that now I get attacked so bad that I pass out. Two weeks ago I got attacked so bad that I lay totally unconscious for ten hours on the couch.

We have a cat that I call my Angel. She came and tried to wake me up many times before she finally succeeded. I heard God say “Get up and leave—Now!!!!”  I couldn’t walk, I was soo weak, I crawled to the bathroom. Since I’m a Godly Christian Woman, I walk close with God. It seemed to wake my husband up but he is so hardened that he cannot even begin to fathom any of these things. I told him I’m staying away till he gets his act together and he will call me when he is ready. I came back five days later but not until he called me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these demonic ghosts must be attacking my children also because they treat me terrible, just like his children treat him. I miss my children. I am feeling ALL ALONE. His children treat me terrible. I’ve treated them so kindly and they hate me for it. I can no longer cope. That is why I joined Scholars. I was trying to start a business and realized I need to be coached. I have allowed myself to look at the problems and feel the pain. That is when I started passing out. I want to make no mistake in what I’m needing to do. I really need to be coached somehow in this horrible situation, Yesterday I was attacked again very badly. First time that happened since I’m home. The ghost/demons always come to tell me that she will destroy our marriage. She does not want my husband happy.