My husband doesn’t communicate

My husband won’t talk to me, he gets grumpy randomly, and refuses to say why, for example I go to the gym, or to the store, or to work, and he is fine, perfectly loving and happy when I leave, then I Get back and he is banging dishes around cleaning up in a very aggressive and loud way. I ask him what is going on, he says “nothing” I understand I may or may have not done something that he did not like or maybe something happened at work or who knows, how can I think about this in a way so that it doesn’t have to affect me? OR is there other things I can do to get him to communicate without making him more angry, Yes it passes but sometimes it can take days. I pick up on his grumpy, abrupt angry energy and try not to let it affect me, I admit it is tough since I have NO idea what is causing it. It happens quite frequently and he refuses to let me know what is happening and always says it is nothing. Then he gets mad at me when I don’t believe him that it is really nothing? So I leave it alone. Any suggestions?