My husband is asocial/My husband cares for people

My father wants to invite a friend of my daughter, together with my daughter, on holidays. My husband thinks it’s a bad idea, that my father will not enjoy the situation, that the kids are too little, that he (my husband) wouldn’t allow our daughter to spend holidays with a friend’s grandparents.
During the conversation, I was able to spot that I was irritated and I decided to stay open and curious and not react on irritation. It made the conversation easier.
Then I wrote models about it.
My T in my unintentional model is “My husband is asocial”. My T in my intentional model is “My husband care for people”.
I practice my intentional thought, my unintentional thought is still there, how to handle this? If I’m very honest, I’m still attached to the thought “My husband is asocial”, even if I’d like not to. I don’t want to lie to myself, still I think this thought is not useful. Any advice on the situation? Thank you so much!