My husband is so negative

Hello, first month in scholars and first question here,

Today’s podcast was a big eye opener to me as I do exactly what you described, I think my husband is negative and that turns me into a negative person too.

So what do you suggest I do in situations like this (real life text message exchange with my husband who was flying back home. I was trying to stay positive) …

Him: my flight was delayed 30 mins
Me: well, it’s not too long
Him: yeah but my connecting time will be shortened and I have to go through customs
Me: good thing you have global entry
Him: yeah but I had to document my baggage because of the present for X you asked me to bring

Him: flight got delayed 1 hour, I will miss my connection
Me: It is out of your control and there’s nothing you can do about it (it’s a C!), no point on being worried. Relax and enjoy a book or something.
Him: ok I will catch up on emails
Me: Good. And I’m happy you are coming home today.

Him: Flight is still delayed I officially lost the connection
Me: there are lot of flights out of Houston later on
Him: I should have taken another route

And so on …

Of course at some point I was writing back positive messages but was NOT feeling positive anymore.

I am guessing he just needed to vent and was probably annoyed by me being so “positive”, he was trying to convince me that it was a negative situation and he did! I ended up being frustrated, not so much about his flight but more about his attitude.

What should I do in these situations?