My Husbands Confidence

For many years my husband kinda stopped pursuing his dreams, became pretty lazy and unmotivated in a lot of areas in his life. But recently he’s stepped out of that and is really killin it in all areas of his life. He’s so sweet to me, great husband, doing well in business, LOOKS amazing and eats PERFECTLY. He’s just overall perfect, haha. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to see him step into all these years but for some reason I’m having negative feelings come up about him. Sometimes he’s a little TOO confident in my opinion. I know this is probably just my own insecurities flaring up, but I don’t like when he’s overly confident. Feels a little too close to arrogance. He’s not mean, he just brags and talks highly about himself and what he’s capable of. As I’m writing it out I see how awful it is that I’m feeling this way. Why do I find it so distasteful that he thinks so highly of himself? He’s so busy all the time with all his endeavors, maybe there’s some resentment there too. Maybe there’s some jealousy too. I just keep thinking that “he’s obsessed with himself”, and I don’t like how confident he is. What is going on with me? How can I overcome these feelings towards him?