My husband’s drinking

Hey Brooke, this is my first “ask Brooke” moment. I have been in scholars for 4 months and my life is really changing. I have a circumstance that I am not sure how to handle. For the last week my husband has been coming home drunk and is a jerk. I try to go to sleep and most of the time pretend I am asleep so I don’t have to interact with him because he chooses to start fights with me every time. He will even wake me up and do things and say things to try and prevoke me. I have stopped reacting to him outwardly but my insides are all jacked up. I know my thoughts are what cause my feelings and on down through the model. And I know that I can choose what I think. The thought I have chosen is that I don’t want to have this life experience but I also choose to stay married to him. Even though this is happening he is a good husband and when he is not drinking our relationship is great. I don’t know what to do…I know there is nothing I can do to change him but I am worn out from being exposed to this behavior. Any guidance would be great.

Thank you,