My Husband’s Ex

This is long overdue. My now husband’s ex wife is petite, gorgeous and really in shape! I am out of shape and overweight.

I’m envious and I’m beating myself up thinking my husband settled for me because it was convenient how we met. For 4 years he was separated from his wife and he told me he hoped they would get back together, but then I entered his life and he filed for divorce.

Even though she initially left him, she said things like I was his “crazy girlfriend” repeatedly. He did not defend me.

It’s created this thing now where I stalk her on social media looking for further evidence she’s prettier, sexier, better than me.

I’ve lost my self confidence that I used to have. Our sex life has suffered. I seem stuck in an unhealthy thought loop and can’t seem to stop. I’d like help moving out of this space to feel peace toward her. But my brain is still like “she’s a witch!”

Thanks! Here’s my model:

C Ex wife is 5’2, 120 and muscles toned
T My husband is truly more physically attracted to her
F Sadness
A Look for proof that she’s prettier/better than me, spin, stalk on social media, spin and ruminate, not getting coached
R I’m physically attracted to her lol (not really but I’m the one obsessed not him!)