My kids need you

Hey. Did you say we can ask anything?
Podcast suggestion please

So I listen to your all the time. I think I’ve listened to all episodes of your podcast.
I’m at a point where my kids want to use social media. My husband thinks it’s ok…I don’t agree.
So. I decided we’d figure this out.
I thought if my kids age 14 (girl) and boy (12) do the following, then they will have enough knowledge that I’ve taught them correct principals and we can go from there.
I was thinking to have them read 3 books.
“Finish” by Jon Acuff
“Atomic Habits”
*Book suggestion?* I am open to any you suggest
(Religious books are a given, has been studied as a family)

I also want them to listen to your podcasts.
I have grabbed a few favorite. Would you please share with me what you feel would be most helpful to a kid that age? I know you don’t know my kids…
Daughter, age 14, has a killer voice and wants to show it on social media. She’s been in play production (15) main roll in most.
Son, wonderful, found him interested in porn, 3 separate times. Each instance 3 years apart. I think he’s gained lots of control over this aspect, but i want him to really recognize buffering and 2 part brain.

(I have 6 kids. These are the oldest.
Please please suggest if you could.)

(It’s late at night, excuse the typos. Can’t sleep. Had a ‘discussion’ once again about this.)

Here are some that i thought would apply?
Neurotransmitters #239
#251 2 types of discomfort
#247 5 emotional skills
#234 what do you want to believe
#231 who are you becoming
#228 unconscious negativity
#223 self sabotage
#222 discomfort on purpose
#199 other people’s opinions
#151 self ptty #65 self loathing
#168 rejection
#167 self confidence #58 self confidence
#147 how quitting slows you down
#143 anger
#132 stop buffering
#15 other people opinions
#97 balancing emotion
#94 how to practice thinking
#what you do vs who you are
#36 blame vs personal responsibility
#25 emotional adulthood
#6 vulnerability vs victim mentality