My last day in scholars

Today is my last day in scholars and it’s a Saturday. I’m assuming I may never see the answer to this question then? I didn’t really want to leave. I just couldn’t believe that $300 a month would appear without me working for it and I didn’t believe I could make money immediately from what I am starting up and I didn’t have the $300 in my budget to spare anymore.

I’m currently having some indigestion and I slept longer than intended a few days this week. My thoughts are-
I’m never going to get this blog done if I keep oversleeping like this.
Where has my focus gone?
I have to get back on my diet (I was on a very strict diet to try to heal leaky gut and actually did seem to have better energy/mood a month ago) (and I don’t want to get back on the diet because it was time consuming and a lot of work and I miss eating a lot of stuff)

T- I’m never going to get my blog done if I keep oversleeping like this
F- mad at myself for sleeping too much
A- try to change the circumstance and figure out why I’m sleeping so much, think it must be my diet..

T- I have to get back on my diet (I didn’t like it)
F- annoyed and rebellious
A- eat more off my diet
R- cycle….

And another thought that I haven’t found yet is causing me to buffer. I am getting distracted on my phone instead of working on my blog. I am focusing on my indigestion. I think my brain may be making my body feel tired in order to sleep and buffer and avoid writing blog posts.

Also… Thinking “They won’t read this” or “I won’t see this” because my membership is over… thought is
T- What’s the point?
F- defeated
A- don’t even finish writing what I wanted to, don’t do models on myself
R-no self-feedback, no changes