My life is so boring.

C: Think about my last few weekends
T: My life is so boring!
F: Disheartened
A: Think of eating out. Which cafe and restaurant we can go to. Spin in guilt as I want to do something else than eating. I think of friends, but I don’t have the kind of friends who are entrepreneurial and I like to hang out with and have fun with. The conversations I like to have. I put on netflix and don’t enjoy that. I think of doing art and don’t do it. I sit in despondence. I look for a video on SCS website thinking I will just enjoy this. I don’t think of what fun and who I’d like to have fun with. I spin in this idea of “fun”. hurriedly think and message people at the cost of my pre decided schedule.
R : I make my life so boring.


My intentional thought is ” My life is full of fun.” but I need some ladder thoughts and may be define what is fun for me? But I was lost on both of these things. Could you provide some perspective shift on this please?