My life mission statement or philosophy.

I’m trying to figure out a new life philosophy or mission statement. In general I operate from a scarcity mindset and in the realm of fear.

I’m a mother of 2 teenagers who used to work from home. I race around all day doing “busy work” and errands so I don’t have to feel or think about what I truly want for my life. This blocks out feelings of connection and as a result I feel very distant from people.

I would love some new thoughts to come up with a mindset about a rich life that is filled with love, family, luxury, prosperity and friends.

The other problem is my daughter is in rehab for an eating disorder. She is getting better, but it leaves a heaviness on my shoulders during the day. It’s always in the background even though she is making progress and is getting very good help. I know deep down she will recover, it’s just a long road for our family. What thoughts can I think to make me feel peaceful, fulfilled and striving towards a goal. I feel empty now and purposeless.

Thank you! You guys are great.