My life’s purpose

So I am having quite a hard time understanding this months topic and really being able to relate it to me. Surely as a human being I have more worth when I accomplish things. Surely, I am more worthy and have more value when I have achieved goals and knowledge in my life that serves people?
I get that as a human being I am complete just as I am but surely when you are not fulfilling your potential you are worth less. I am not religious and so that side of my understanding is not developed but I have been working on this understanding for months and I am really struggling to get it. Please help me understand, I am so willing to be open.
What is the definition of worth? Why are we just as worthy sitting down watching Netflix all day long as we are if we are out bettering ourselves to help people. I have read a lot on this including this months workbook and something is just not clicking with me. I am ever hopeful that this is the month I truly understand.