My long term relationship has ended

Hi Coach , help with this model , please.  I’ve had a long term relationship with a male friend for decades . The short version of a long story is polygyny was presented over 15 years ago and I declined. I pulled away a couple of times in hopes of meeting a partner . It hasn’t happened. Recently I began doing research on the topic of polygyny combined with thought work I decided I would give it a try . Well, I shared a diagnosis with him AND the fact that I was married briefly in my 20s . He said the things I’ve shared with him over the past two months has shown him that he doesn’t know me. Oh yeah he needs time to process all this . I’ve concluded that the friendship is over and exploring the other is absolutely is NOT happening.

C: My relationship with Robert has ended
T: I really cared about him and I’m going to miss talking to him
F: devastated
A: I don’t text him, I stay away from any of his social media spaces, when thoughts of him come to mind -I switch my thoughts to something else
R: I create evidence that the relationship is over
R: the relationship is over