My Manual About My Brother

Right so. A few weeks ago I lost a much wanted pregnancy at five months. My brother is aware of what happened but hasn’t been in touch with either me or my partner at all, not even a quick text to say he’s sorry to hear our news. My manual is: brothers should get in touch with their sisters if the sister loses a pregnancy. I am ANGRY about it. If he had got in touch I would be feeling cared about, my thought would be: he cares about me and he’s a good guy. My current T is: he’s a terrible person. F: angry. My A is: I don’t see him. My R is: we don’t have any kind of relationship and I continue to believe he’s terrible. Can I get coaching on a better T here? I think I could just about get to “I have a brother”, but “he cares about me” is too far away to believe.