My mind just got blown.

I want to thank the person who asked the question titled “Why I can’t commit?” because, well, ME TOO, and also the suggested thought work in the response provided me with a breakthrough!

Weight loss is my primary goal with SCS, but I am also trying to get my writing and story coaching business off the ground. I am in the same boat as the person who asked the question – lots of starting and stopping, lots of goal setting and not following through, which is frustrating to me because in other areas of my life I am really responsible and get stuff done. I thought it was because I wasn’t finding compelling reasons, but I knew that my reasons actually ARE compelling, but that my thought patterns were holding me back. I just couldn’t figure out why…until today!

I set up three models with the A line being “stopping and starting” – one for my business, one for my writing projects, and one for weight loss. Before I filled them in, I did a thought download as suggested about feeling stuck. What I realized is that in the case of all three of these things is that I am responsible to no one but myself. No one cares if I don’t write, or if I don’t get this business going, or if I lose weight except me. My loved ones love me regardless, and the world won’t miss my work if no one knows about it.

So the T line for all three issues is that I’m telling myself that it doesn’t really matter, that I have an out in every situation! I don’t really have to lose weight, and I can always get another job…that’s what I’m telling myself. Holy s*#@! That’s the exact opposite of what I say out loud.

So my weight loss model for stopping and starting looks like this:
C – eating protocol established
T – It doesn’t really matter if I follow it.
F – unmotivated and disillusioned
A – stopping and starting
R – no weight loss

So if I change my thought (and this is where I might need some advice, not sure if I’m on the right track):
C – eating protocol established
T – there is no other option
F – acceptance?
A – follow protocol consistently over time
R – weight loss

I know there is still thought work to be done here, and lots of management over time since these patterns are years and years in the making!
I just wanted to write it out, make sure I’m on a track that makes sense and that I’m not missing anything, and say THANK YOU to others asking questions and to Brooke and the other coaches for this whole program. <3