My Model Didn’t Work

I started 6 weeks ago a food protocol that excludes flour and sugar and in my family we meet my mother in law every Sunday for brunch that always includes a huge emphasis on what food we order.
I prepared myself that I will be asked how come I don’t eat a cake, drink wine, or enjoy the bread they serve in the beginning and had good answers to deal with this: ‘I am just experimenting with no flour and sugar for a while,’ was my calm and go-to answer.

It’s been five Sundays since I started my protocol and every Sunday she is trying to get me to eat foods off my plan (‘You have to try this!’ ‘Just a bite’ ‘Oh, come on’) and I keep repeating my answer and thanking her and then I try to connect with her through conversation, rather than food.

Last Sunday we met again and here’s how my model came about. Let me tell you, I did not see it going that way at all:

C: During brunch mother in law says: ‘How long will you keep on with this crazy diet?’
My Thought to Myself: Here’s an opportunity to reply in a calm manner.
F: Calm and confident.
A: I reply to her calmly with: ‘Mom, isn’t it interesting that I need to explain why I don’t eat because it’s so normal that everyone eats it with no care for its results?
R: Mother in law got offended while I answered calmly.

So is it possible that my model did work but it’s on her that she took it the wrong way and the result is not what I hoped it would be (that she would accept my choices and let it go)?