My Model Feedback

Hi, Id like some feedback on the model as I’m still learning the ropes, and a suggestion of where to go from here.

C- We have a financial plan that includes a budget but didn’t agree on / walk out with a definitive plan on future goals.
-I am the main money point person for my household.

T- Even with a plan, I cant stop worrying about money

F- Anxiety

A – I keep rechecking the various money planning tools I have, and running numbers through them.
-My first response when an unplanned spending item comes up in our household is ‘we can’t afford it’
-I get stressed when circumstances change and therefore our priorities change (eg. had planned to pay off school loans, but rents are rising and we are now wondering whether we should try saving for a house)

R- Finances are a stressful topic in my house
-Money worries take up mental space I think I could be allocating to something else.