My mom and I have a different belief system

I would like to get to an intentional model… the feelings of fear, anger, and grief around my mom’s situation are so strong. So I need help around releasing them to move into healthier energies.

C: Insurance does not cover the in home care my mom needs due to permanent lung damage from Covid pneumonia, and my mom still doesn’t want to get vaccinated because she STILL believes Covid isn’t real.
T: We can’t afford the care she needs.
F: Fear..
A: I swing from long marathon hours researching options and stop taking care of myself, to complete avoidance of my mom’s situation to catch up on my work, sleep, etc. I worry about what to do.
R: I am getting into debt. We still don’t have a long term solution for the in home health care my mom needs.

C: The doctors said “If she’s not vaccinated and keeps hanging around her unvaccinated community she will most likely get Covid again.”
T: Getting into debt, and taking time off of work to help mom is useless because she is not participating in her own health.
F: Anger
A: Total avoidance of my mom. I also get behind on my own work/goals because I feel so guilty about avoiding the situation.
R: My mom still needs in home care now, and for the long term, and we still don’t have a solution.