My mother

My mom is angry with me because I visited her this weekend and left 90 mins sooner than expected.
My husband and I woke up early and wanted to get going to miss the traffic.
She texted me, “I’m so hurt. Please tell me what happened.”
I’ve explained over and over that nothing happened and we just woke up early and decided to take off and miss the traffic (2 hour drive home).

She is now being passive aggressive in her texts and very short with me, compared to how she normally is.

Here is my UM:
C: I have a mother
T: She is always trying to get attention by acting like a victim. With me, her husband, everyone.
F: Angry
A: I ruminate, I want to yell at her but I’m ignoring her, I’m angry that she makes everything about her
R: I don’t want to visit her anymore. This happens often.

I don’t know where to go from here. I’m very angry with her and it’s been taking a lot of my energy thinking about this. I want to feel my anger and move on.

Should I focus on feeling my anger or finding a new thought?