My mother and my children

My little girl struck a pencil to my little boy, We have survived serious damage of the eye. I decided to punish my girl and left her alone in the room about one minute (I am trying for her- to understand that it is impossible to do such things). At the same time my mother (she lives with us) don’t let me to leave her alone in the room, she opened the door and let my daughter out and saying: “she is pity, she is crying”, I became like mad, yelling to mother, pushing her away and crying.
I think that she didn’t respect me, she did not want my child to be a good person. she hates me and she don’t care about me. Now I feel that I hate her.
I can’t find any thought which helps me to overcome above thoughts and helps me with my feelings.
p.s. I just joined scholars and tried to be coached more about relationships, can you advise me more materials about Relationships? like worksheets or other…