My mother-in-law

Doing the relationship work on my mother-in-law this week (gonna have to fit it all in three days! 😉 ).

My main thing with her is that she has had episodes of acute anger in the past when she has lashed out at my husband and me, writing emails and letters that were full of hateful, hurtful, disparaging things about me, about my husband, about our relationship, and how we’re raising our children. The last episode was the worst and it led to us shutting her out of our lives for 1 1/2 years.

This was before I even knew about your podcast, so I didn’t have The Model to help me through it, but I have benefited from your teachings about forgiveness. Still navigating through those waters those.

What is uncertain to me in this relationship is that part of me wants to go back to the time when I thought of her as a wonderful, caring grandmother who could be trusted with our children. This would make me feel good when I’m with her, and would also be convenient (free childcare!), but I feel I have lost the trust I once had in her.

I can’t un-know that she’s someone who harbors resentments, and that her way of dealing with it is to eventually explode. And I can’t un-know that she has put our eldest in unsafe situations (the ensuing discussion led to her exploding).

I will continue with the relationship work and think I will benefit greatly, but I would be grateful for some early guidance on the big knot I just described. 🙂

Thank you!