My neighbor cat left alone in the balcony

My neighbor’s cat is always left alone on the balcony, night and day. They are at the 12th floor and the cat often stands in the hedge trying to catch flies or pigeons. I’m afraid one day this cat will fall from the balcony. I can’t stand this situation. I’m trying to find a way to talk to them but I don’t want to worsen the situation for the cat because I already talked to them and didn’t seem to see any problem. I’m feeling so powerless, so hurt, so full of pity for this animal. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve made an unintentional model, but I feel that making an intentional model would reinforce the fact that the cat’s situation won’t get any better. Maybe could you help me understand how doing an intentional model is not being complicit of this animal abuse?

Here’s my unintentional model:
C: cat living in the balcony
T: It’s cruel to leave a cat alone night and day, directly exposed to the sun, in a balcony in the 12th floor
F: burning sense of injustice
A: my stomach hurts, I want to cry, I’m obsessed, I check on him every 10 minutes.
R: the cat is still there.