My New Mantra

Hi Brooke-
I’ve been complaining to myself about people at work for a long time. I’ve realized today if I repeat these new thoughts to myself every day I can make a lasting change:

Switch it around – they do matter to me. I’m going to be kind anyway. I’m going to do as I say anyway. I’m going to respect them anyway. I’m going to do a bang-up job anyway. I’m going to be a bad ass no matter what. I’m going to show my excellence. I will always play my top game. I will not worry. I will not dwell on the unknown. I will not blame. I will not complain. I have no time for a pity party. All people are a circumstance. My thoughts make it what I want it to mean.

New thoughts: people make mistakes, people forget, people are busy and distracted, people need love, need respect, acknowledgement, attention, recognition, people have their own problems to worry about, it’s not about me for sure, I’m a bad ass, I do excellent work, I take responsibility for my actions, people are always a circumstance.

Feelings: understanding, thoughtful, belonging, love, accepting.

I’m learning that I’m responsible for my own feelings. I’m learning that I cannot control other people.

I’ll give this a whirl and watch my life change.

Thanks Brooke!