My Niche (Finally!)

Hi Brooke,
On a walk today (while listening to your latest podcast) my niche just hit me on the head hard. I’ve struggled with a niche for a year now, and haven’t been able to commit to one. This one is so clear to me and it’s who I have had much success with in the past with weight loss and personal training. I feel committed to this…
Here it is:

“Recently divorced or separated women between the ages of 30-45 who have struggled with body image and/or weight loss for 5 years or more and want to lose up to 50 lbs”

Their problem is they have low worth/self confidence, and they feel their weight made them less lovable thus ending their marriage. My solution is to work with them on those thoughts, develop a custom protocol for weight loss and define what the real problems are (thoughts) leading to the weight gain.
Nobody has a weight problem, people have problems that lead them to gain weight (buffer).

Appreciate your feedback.