My niche

I recently decided what my niche is as a coach. But I keep getting asked questions on my main business. I have an Etsy store which I have been running full time since 2016. Yesterday, I was asked by another coach if I would be a guest speaker in her group and talk about Etsy. As much as I would like to, I’m not a business coach, I’m a mindset and relationship coach for empty nesters.
As I’m writing this, I’m wondering if I should switch my niche. I get more questions about that than I do about empty nesting. Or can I do both? It seems like an odd mix.

My two unintentional models:

C: niche
T: it would be confusing to the audience for me to talk about Running a business on Etsy since I am a mindset/relationship coach for empty nesters
F: unsure
A: overthinking
R: not making a decision

C: speak in group about running a business on Etsy
T: I would do it if that was my niche. It would be confusing if I speak in this and introduce myself as a mindset/relationship coach
F: confused
A: overthinking
R: no decision made