My notebook

I left my notebook at Modelthon. It had all my notes on the coaching calls from November through January including my notes taken at the event. It had months of my private coaching sessions. Mantras and intentional thoughts I wanted to practice.

I’ve tried to let go of this loss and most days I’m able to do that. But it pops up and I actually feel a sadness of what I’ve lost. It’s like that old joke, “my arm hurts when I raise it like this”. So doctor says then don’t raise it.

C – notebook left at Modelthon
T – I had so many valuable notes in it that I needed to still review
F – Sad
A – continue to dwell in the sadness and regret
R – stew about the notes and knowledge I’m missing out on

C – notebook left at Modelthon
T – I’ve done what I can to find it by calling hotel
F – settled
A – let it go
R – I accept that it is lost

But I’m still sad about it.