My one wild and precious life (feedback on my model)

I joined SCS to help me achieve my entrepreneurial goals. I have been doing a lot of deep diving into the depths of my brain, and whoa – there is a trove of unhelpful thoughts that I have been grappling with for years. No wonder I have not had success during my previous efforts. During these 45 years of my one wild and precious life, I have not effectively believed thoughts that would help me achieve my desired results.

During Brooke’s last live coaching call, Brooke talked about how she wanted to feel happy and excited about her $100mm business goal. That’s how I want to feel about my business – about launching, growing and maintaining a successful photography business. I definitively do not have those feelings right now. Because I have not believed the thoughts that will help me to achieve success for so long, I really need some bridge thoughts first.

C: entrepreneurship
T: I’m afraid I’ll hate being a creative entrepreneur (because I have not enjoyed previous efforts to launch businesses in the past)
F: Scared (to take massive action)
A: Buffer with distractions. Overthink. Indulge in confusion. When I do take massive action it is slooooowwww. Zero in my thoughts on things that I anticipate I will hate about being an entrepreneur.
R: I have hateful feelings in advance and I fail to make effective progress toward my business goals.

C: I’m in the planning stages of launching my high-end glamour photography business this fall. My IG is to make $100K in 2020.
T: It’s possible I will be happy and excited to be a successful business owner.
F1: Curious
A1: Be the watcher of my thoughts. Recognize and redirect my thoughts when my primitive brain is trying to be in charge. Do daily thought downloads to work on thoughts that will serve me better and that I can believe. Look for evidence that I can be happy and excited (e.g. look for other small business owners who demonstrate these feelings; look for evidence when I am or have been happy and excited to do hard things and I have still made progress). Practice new thoughts. Take massive action no matter what every day.
F2: Self-compassion
A2. Be prepared to outsource or reconsider the parts of the business that I anticipate will zap my joy. Be prepared that 50% of my thoughts will be negative and do thought work around those feelings. Take massive action no matter what every day.
R: I’m discovering it’s possible to feel happy and excited to launch and own a successful business.

I wrote all is this down in my journal but it was helpful to re-write it out here for your feedback, I got even more specific. Thanks for all you do, I love SCS!