My partner is nagging me

Hi there,

I have this model that I’m having difficulty finding the R with (which I realise is also a T!) My partner and I are buying a car. He’s done all the research and he wants me to handle the finances. He was pretty angry with me this morning when I said I didn’t know what to ask.

C – Partner said “You should know what to ask”
T – He’s always nagging me
F – Pressure
A – ignore him, act ignorant, avoid the issue, avoid him, judge him, don’t ask him questions to clarify the situation, don’t address the issue.
R – He continues to want reassurance from me that I’ve done what he asked…
or is it that I don’t do what he asks, I’m unreliable as a partner, or that I’m not showing up as best as I can for him

None of these feel quite right, and I’m pretty sure I’m missing something here!

TIA for your advice!