My partner shows me what’s wrong

Hi coach! I have a business and I am now trying to be consistent and show up in social media. Today I made my first IG live. It was hard. I had a lot of resistance to doing it but I did it anyway. I was really proud of my courage. Then, my husband came home and watched it. And he point out that the sound wasn’t good enough. It broke me down.

C; Husband say “The audio isn’t good enough”
T: I don’t need to know the “buts”
F: Ashamed
A: Considering deleting the video + Rejecting him + creating a fight over it + blaming him and his lack of support + Considering never do a live again
R: Failing myself

This is my current model. I know I am reacting to his words because I am really afraid about the content. I know is not perfect. I know it takes courage to show up at the beginning. I just feel like I can’t control everything and now I feel awful for doing it and doing it somehow wrong.

I think there is something in my brain trying to escape the situation of the content creation. I know these thoughts don’t serve me at all. But I can’t seem to be able to process this feelings.