My past is creeping in!

So today at work I had a mini breakthrough as to why I am so sensitive to authority and being “yelled at”. I already knew it comes from having a really dominant father who was condescending to us kids and my mom. He was quite harsh in my opinion and had a knack for making you feel stupid. He embarrassed me in front of my friends a lot and all of my friends were scared of him as was I. My mother at one point as a child had to get my grandmother to come take care of us for a couple weeks because she got depressed. Anyways, whenever someone gets sharp or short with me I either want to cry or snap at them. This happened when my boss got a little short with me and I felt she was blaming me for something. I just thought “She is such a bitch!” I immediately react and get pissed off. I know this comes from my childhood but how do I run a model to not let this affect me anymore. I don’t want to “hate” authority and I don’t want to cry when someone gets short with me.
Thanks so much Brooke!