My past is holding me back

Hi Brooke! I’m the one who asked the question titled Not Feeling Good Enough. I came to realize that my not feeling good enough comes from childhood…duh! I already knew that but not to this extent. I was bullied as a girl being called nerd and told I wasn’t good enough to hang out with by those I thought were my friends and was therefore pushed away. This happened to me not only in grade 7 but also to a group of us in grade 10. I never felt pretty and was definitely not cool. I received little to no attention from boys at least not the so called “cool” boys. As I aged, I came into my own so to speak and became “cooler” and pretty. I was kind of like the ugly duckling who turned into a swan. However, I still have trouble feeling like I’m attractive even though people tell me. When I started receiving attention from boys, I didn’t know how to handle it so I’ve chosen crappy boyfriend after crappy boyfriend. Now I have this amazing boyfriend who puts up with all my crap! How do I create models to propel me forward in my life and not dwell on my past? I know the past is the past and it’s not good to go back there but how do I believe I’m deserving of a good and fulfilling life?

Thanks Brooke! By the way you are a total rock star!