My path to increasing my self-confidence

I identified in the connections homework that one of the wants I have is to increase my self-confidence. I realize that I have to fulfill this need internally and am looking for some suggestions to get there.

I understand that to feel connection with others, I first need to feel it with myself and see that that is where I am lacking. In a private coaching session, the coach and I came to the conclusion that it would be helpful for me to first work on my belief that my loved ones need to feel better so I can feel better and people pleasing because this will help me get to a place of self love that is not contingent on others’ feelings.

Once I make some traction on the people pleasing, can you give me some suggestions on getting to a place of self-love. I have some negative beliefs about myself, most of them relating to the several health issues I have been able to fix up until this point. I am working on converting this negative belief to more neutral thoughts in order to get to positive thoughts. Any other suggestions for getting to a place of self- love? Does this automatically translate to self -confidence or do you have some suggestions or can you point me to resources from there?