My Perspective

Hi everyone, I’m working on this week’s assignment but I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of it. This month’s Mastering Emotional Balance couldn’t have come at a better time for me because it’s the end of the year and I’m thinking about the many losses my family has experienced in 2018. Cheery, I know, but it’s been a rough year. It’s also been a great year in many ways. The emotional roller coaster that is life!
So, I’m trying to get a handle on things while accepting and appreciating the 50/50 that life offers. In this case, can I use my perspective as a Circumstance? Here’s how my Day 5 looks:
My thought download was all about the losses and what I’ve chosen to focus on.
C: My perspective
T: My family has had a lot of losses this year
F: loss/lacking
A: Escape reality
R: focus on the losses
C: My perspective
T: Despite the losses, my family is still intact and has experienced many blessings this year
F: grateful
A: feel my emotions, the good and the bad, while working on developing a healthy perspective
R: acknowledge the losses but choose to focus on the blessings
I labeled loss/lacking as an unwanted feeling I needed to allow because when I deny those feelings, I tend to buffer. By experiencing those feelings, I can gradually move past them and focus on all I do have, which makes me feel grateful, a feeling I want to feel. This puts me in a stronger place mentally to accept that life is 50/50 and consciously make the choice to feel all of my feelings, the good and the bad, without indulging in the bad.
Have I got this right?
Thank you for your insight,