My podcast (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
It seems to me my very young podcast, Anglaisance, is losing steam – there have only been about 10 listeners per day lately when there were about 30 a few weeks back. Of course, it’s just a circumstance but, of course, I’m making it mean that it’s losing its value, and that I, the creator, have no more value to offer the world.
C – podcasst
T – my listeners are less and less interested
F – discouraged
A – I don’t get to work on my next episode until late at night, I overeat, I keep thinking about the dropping listeners’ number, I wonder how to attract more…
R – I’m being less and less authentic
And then I remembered the few people who had written or told me that they enjoyed it and who had encouraged me to keep broadcasting it (and I drew up a list of all those people). And then I also remembered that, at the onset of that new adventure, I had told myself that I would be grateful if it only benefitted one person. And then it dawned on me – what if I was this person? Because, indeed, I’m learning a lot when teaching those concepts! So here’s my new model:
C – podcast
T – I’m doing it for me
F – self-confident, zen-like, determined
A – I keep on doing my very best work
R – I’m having tremendous fun with myself!
What are your thoughts on that? Thank you!
Have a lovely day!
Nadège in Paris