My protocal is too hard

I feel ashamed of asking this question. Because I feel torn. I am not keeping my protocol 100%. I think I am not eating enough food on my protocol. 4 oz meat, 8 oz veggies, 3 tbsp fat and 1 apple per meal has me cranky all the time, even after meals. I’m not including starchy veg in my protocol so it is just fat and protein. I am a very active person. I find myself living off bulletproof coffee just to have energy. I’m 1 week in and find the sneaky thoughts come in with diet soda which has no calories, my eating window- stretching it a little. I want to keep it 100%. I understand that my protocol is a circumstance.

I kept it for 3 days 100%, as my body was using old glycogen stores. Now it is working on my own body fat. Which yes, I know is what I want. But it feels like shit  and I can hardly function in my business. I’m willing to feel uncomfortable. I will not, for any reason break my protocol, this is really hard but I can do hard things, I’m resilient and badass. That is my morning talk track. It feels good.

Also though, If I’m being honest, I am looking for permission to change my protocol. because if i change it, I’ll hear Brooke saying “don’t change it till you have kept it for 2 weeks.” But also… I’m having a hard time keeping it for a day. I believe that if I added in more food, kept my eating window it would be better. Because then, when my brain says “I’m hungry I need food,” I can genuinely say “Yes there is enough food for you coming soon. Just wait and dine in.” vs “dine in and keep dining in even after you have eaten because you are not eating enough.”

Which as I type this I realize is EXACTLY what I want, as I have 7 lbs to lose, and it is the last 7. I will have lost 15 by the time I reach my goal weight of 125.