My Protocol

Hi Brooke!
I’ve been in SCS since January and absolutely love this program!!! My main goal is to loose weight. I am 5’10”, weigh 160 and would like to weigh 140. I work out every day bc I truly enjoy it! I know I eat more than my body requires for fuel. I think that I feel I deserve to eat more bc I work out. I am having trouble sticking to my protocol and a pretty down on myself about it. I thought by now I would have lost 10 lbs and been super excited with my progress. I’ve eliminated flour and sugar except for joy eats and I feel really wonderful! Here is what my protocol looks like:
6am coffee with cream
if its a particular hard workout lifting weights I will have a small protein shake after
9am coffee
12pm salad with 6 oz of chicken and dressing
3pm coffee
5:30 veggies with protein (dinner is usually where I eat more than my body needs) I feel full after dinner but my urge to continue to eat is so overwhelming.
I did not always have 2 more coffees during the day but I find that without it I am wanting to snack to curb the hunger.
I don’t know if my protocol is ok for me or not.
Thanks for all of your help and guidance!!