my purpose….

My purpose? this is what comes to mind…..
My purpose is to learn it, do it and teach it. I want to be the light and sunshine in all that I do. I breathe in sunshine and breathe out the dark. As I let my light shine, I show others that they can do the same.

For the last 3 years, I have had this idea swarming in my mind to learn it, do the work and then teach it. I want to host a year long program of live group coaching, twice a month classes and possibly some weekend girls retreats of creating a life we love……..
a planner, goals and dreams, seeing how thoughts create feelings, morning routines, evening themed goals, creating joy, what feelings we want to create, clearing the mental and home clutter, fun exercise (we’ve got to move it, move it, soul strolls), what are we craving?, creativity, eating for energy, cozy, sparkly, fun, sisterhood…….
I want do learn it, DO IT and teach it……
My purpose…..
Brooke…..Am I on track here?????? hugs, Tracie 🙂